OneDrone Academy presents:
Remote training of pilots according to specific category rules.

The price includes:

Establishing an operator system for the company

Training two pilots

Duration 40 hours (5 days of 8 hours each)

Creation of an operational manual

Preparation for the STS theory exam

Taking the theory test at CAA

Practical training STS-01 (3 days)

Preparation of drone documentation

Managing the registration process with the CAA

How to obtain an operational approval for conducting operations in the specific category?

Developed operational procedures (operations manual) adapted to the type of operation and associated risks.
Completed theoretical exams for remote pilots and key personnel of the operator.
Successfully completed practical training for remote pilots and key personnel of the operator.

How does the training process work?

After an individual consultation with candidates, we determine the appropriate type of operational approval, select the operator’s personnel, and choose remote pilots for training.
The theoretical training takes place in our own training center in small groups of up to 10 people and concludes with the completion of the required theoretical exams.
Practical training is conducted individually at our training ground in Ljubljana, which is a 5-minute drive from the classroom, and concludes with the practical exam.

PDF brochure

You can find more information about flying in a specific category by clicking on the pdf brochure.

OneDrone was among the first in the EU to obtain operational approvals for conducting operations in the specific category and has been providing training for the personnel of unmanned aircraft systems operators of all categories in its training center since 2012.

Our instructors, with years of experience, regularly conduct all types of operations with unmanned aircraft systems in the field and teach what they do.

We conduct training on the most advanced unmanned aircraft systems of all categories.

The training center with a classroom and a flying practice area is located on the outskirts of Ljubljana and is easily accessible from all parts of Slovenia.

Among our satisfied customers are the majority of major Slovenian companies that use unmanned aircraft systems.

Why the specific category?

Business users who employ unmanned aircraft systems for their activities quickly encounter the limitations of the open category, as in many situations, they cannot perform operations within the constraints of the open category. They most often face restrictions in built-up areas, prescribed distances from people, or flight limitations within line of sight and in restricted areas. In the specific category, with the appropriate training of personnel and the execution of approved operational procedures, almost all tasks that are prohibited in the open category can be carried out.

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