In our sales program, we offer a complete range of DJI drones, and we can also supply drones from other manufacturers.

For the drones you already own, we can expertly install various devices and accessories, connecting them to the drone management system.

We provide maintenance and service for all drones, regardless of the manufacturer’s brand. If needed, we can also create the necessary documentation for their inclusion in the operator’s system.

For optimal performance in your tasks, we will advise you on selecting suitable software for your drone, which will streamline your work with it and ensure proper processing of captured data.


OneDrone’s sales and after-sales services include:

  • Sales of drones from renowned global brands.
  • Offering drones for recreational use.
  • Comprehensive range of drones and technological systems for professional use.
  • Consultation during the sales process, taking into consideration your intentions and needs.
  • Custom assembly and equipping of drones according to their intended use.
  • Comprehensive servicing of unmanned aircraft.
  • Sale of replacement parts.
  • Sale of a wide range of additional equipment and accessories.
  • Sale of all necessary software for drone management.
  • Sale of software for processing data captured by drones.
  • Customizations and software upgrades based on specific use cases.
  • Sale of software for managing the operator’s system and drone fleet.