The field of drone operations can be a complex administrative endeavor, especially for newcomers and larger companies managing a fleet of drones as part of their operations.

The legal framework for conducting operations with unmanned aerial systems is a relatively new and specific field for which it’s not easy to find experienced professionals.

At OneDrone, we’ve been involved in the field of drone operations for many years and from extensive everyday practice, we know what needs to be regulated and how. Our team of full-time employees and contracted collaborators in the field of aviation law, operations execution, compliance monitoring, and accident investigations is always available to address all your challenges!

We will prepare all the necessary documentation and operational procedures optimally according to your preferences and needs.



We provide comprehensive support in organizing documents and administration in the field of drone operations, which includes:

  • Assistance and advice in operator registration
  • Development of operational manuals and other documentation
  • Conducting risk assessment according to SORA procedure
  • Obtaining permissions for flying in restricted geographical areas
  • Maintaining operator records in accordance with applicable laws
  • Training for operator’s leadership personnel
  • Collaboration during inspection controls and addressing non-compliance
  • Consultation on individual matters