Unmanned aerial vehicles represent a relatively new field of aviation technology that is constantly expanding into new areas of application. The design of individual drones and equipment is also adapting to this trend in order to better fulfill the tasks assigned to them.

Before making a purchase, it’s advisable to thoroughly consider the purpose of your new flying assistant, the conditions under which you’ll use it, where you’ll be flying it, and other relevant factors.

The Onedrone team has several years of experience in introducing unmanned aerial vehicles into the operations of small, medium-sized, and large companies spanning various industries. For every type of usage, we will provide you with an optimal solution that includes:

  • Selection of appropriate aircraft for your tasks
  • Selection of all necessary equipment and programs
  • Post-sales advisory
  • Training for operating unmanned aerial systems
  • Establishment of an operator system for unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation in compliance with EU and local regulations

Visit us so we can advise you before your purchase and together we can create the ideal solution, which will include not only the aircraft but also all the necessary equipment and management software systems.