Flying drones is governed by precise legislation and regulations that every user must know and adhere to. Safe and efficient drone management is a fundamental prerequisite if you want to harness its potential and achieve desired results.

At OneDrone, we stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and continuously monitor changes in legislation and regulations, seamlessly incorporating them into our work.

You can rely on our experienced instructors to train you and your staff to perform all types of tasks at the highest possible level, in compliance with all applicable regulations. Operators trained at our training center are qualified to conduct activities with drone systems throughout the area covered by EASA rules (EU + other EASA member states).


The trainings we conduct include:

  • Training for operators of unmanned aircraft systems in the open and specific categories and their staff.
  • Type-specific training for drone operators.
  • Training for carrying out specific tasks.
  • Training for recreational drone users.


The theoretical part of the training takes place in the classroom, while the practical part is conducted in a controlled area on the training ground nearby. All trainings are conducted using the latest DJI equipment!

We can customize our training courses according to the needs of our clients, including the topics covered, duration, and structure. In essence, the courses are designed for:

  • Companies interested in drone activities
  • Safety consultants and other experts from training centers
  • Universities and research centers dedicated to studying and developing drones
  • Public institutions planning to use drones for their needs
  • All professionals interested in drone usage or deepening their knowledge of international regulations and standardization for civil RPAS (both pilots and non-pilots)
  • Engineers, lawyers, and students seeking opportunities to work with drones
  • Recreational drone users

Choose the course that best suits you or your company, and contact us for a tailored offer!