Insurance is one of the fundamental requirements for carefree management of unmanned aerial vehicle systems. Through insurance, you protect yourself against potential liability for any damage caused by your drone. It also ensures that you receive at least partial compensation in case of damage to your aircraft and its equipment.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, like all other mobile and flying devices, operate in airspace and over surfaces where they can unintentionally cause significant damage, for example, due to technical malfunctions. That’s why mandatory liability insurance is required by regulations to protect you and your company during every flight. Even though insurance is mandatory for aircraft with a maximum takeoff mass of over 20 kg, we recommend it to all responsible users.

Modern drones and the equipment they carry can have high values, so it makes sense to consider comprehensive insurance for aircraft and equipment in case of damage.

At OneDrone, we will find and arrange the most favorable insurance offer for your aircraft fleet!

All unmanned aerial vehicles weighing over 20 kg must be insured. The insurance covers:

  • Damage to persons, including bodily injuries, harm to health, or death of a third party.
  • Damage to property, including destruction, damage, or loss of belongings or baggage.
  • Reasonable costs of disputes and legal actions.

Additionally, it’s highly recommended for all entities, whether individuals or companies, engaging in aerial activities requiring permission from the Civil Aviation Agency, such as:

  • Aerial filming
  • Aerial advertising
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Fire protection
  • Avalanche triggering
  • Aerial scientific research
  • Aerial activities for television or reporting purposes
  • Aerial activities for special events

Insurance is a crucial safeguard for such activities, ensuring coverage against potential risks and liabilities.