Insurance companies often require aerial footage for risk assessment and damage evaluation, as ground-level imagery may not accurately capture entire structures and larger areas. A drone serves as a “flying camera” that resolves issues of accessibility and comprehensive coverage of larger surfaces.

We conduct insurance assessments with drones to accurately evaluate actual damages.

Cutting-edge photogrammetric and inspection technologies represent a significant step forward in damage assessment within the insurance sector, providing comprehensive imagery and reliable data for evaluation. In the specific context of crop damage assessment, our multidimensional approach, focusing on multi-level analysis, allows us to prepare damage reports for the affected area.

Employing various photographic sensors enables rapid primary assessment with the typical RGB sensor, generating a geolocated digital model (orthophoto), and if needed, a point cloud and 3D model of the area with up to 1 cm/pixel accuracy. These can be used for swift damage assessment and measurement.

Moreover, multispectral sensor inspection proves highly valuable in the insurance sector. By capturing plant reflectance data in the infrared spectrum, it provides a clear and reliable picture of chlorophyll status, growth condition, stress, and health assessment. Another inspection approach exploits the NDVI biomass index, utilizing a near-infrared sensor for obtaining data in the near-infrared light spectrum.

In modern insurance companies, drones are becoming a standard tool, enabling rapid and accurate data capture.

At ONEDRONE, we can provide you with appropriate drones for your needs, and we also train your team for safe and legal operation of unmanned aircraft systems.

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