In crisis situations, swift and accurate response is always the most crucial action, regardless of the cause, consequences, or type of crisis. Whether it’s mountain rescue, interventions and relief during natural disasters or fires, material delivery, or monitoring of seized areas, drones can effectively contribute to rapid intervention and the protection of human lives and property, with significantly reduced risk to rescuers.

A drone equipped with thermal cameras can locate mountain accident victims faster than a rescue team and can even deliver first aid. Drones with cameras or thermal imaging capabilities can assist in pinpointing fire sources and preventing their spread. Rescue teams can receive accurate flood extent data from a safe distance. Simultaneously, comprehensive monitoring of extensive crisis areas, optimal management, real-time modeling, and adjustment of crisis response plans can be achieved.

Unmanned aircraft enable an aerial perspective and swift delivery of important cargo in cases of accidents, fires, and major natural disasters. In our offerings, you can find everything from simple aircraft that allow for rapid situational assessments, to powerful drones equipped with thermal cameras for fire monitoring and search-and-rescue operations.

OneDrone can establish an entire protection and rescue system:

  • Supply of drones for crisis area monitoring
  • Supply of drones for fire monitoring and search-and-rescue operations
  • Supply of drones for delivering first aid and other materials
  • Supply and installation of required software
  • Training of operators for flying over crisis areas
  • Training of personnel for data collection and processing
  • Integration of unmanned aircraft systems into operator systems

Just like in all our other solutions, in the realm of protection and rescue as well, we operate based on knowledge and experience gained through long-standing collaboration with rapid response and intervention services.