A flying camera that can rapidly reach any part of a secured area and provides detailed monitoring day and night enhances situational awareness, reduces response times, and enables a decrease in the number of security personnel on the field.

In the field of video surveillance services, drones are equipped with integrated cameras featuring high optical zoom and thermal capabilities, allowing for nighttime visibility. Utilizing built-in laser rangefinders, precise ground event coordinates can be determined, enabling swift and efficient direction of intervention teams. The mere presence of a drone above the protected area strongly deters intruders from attempting unauthorized access. Drone imagery can be monitored in real-time by controllers in a central command center, as well as intervention teams on the ground.

Drones are becoming an indispensable tool in safeguarding critical facilities.

When introducing drones into use, we collaborate with leading private and state security services, from which we gain valuable insights that help us stay ahead of the competition in the market.

The experienced team of professionals at ONEDRONE will assist you in swiftly implementing unmanned aircraft systems into your operations, training your teams, and helping you establish an operator system in compliance with prevailing regulations:

  • Design of an aerial security system
  • Supply of suitable drones and equipment
  • Supply and customization of software
  • Establishment of a fleet and monitoring system
  • Creation of an operator system
  • Operator training

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