Unmanned aircraft used by government agencies in carrying out their duties operate in the most challenging environments and weather conditions. When required, they are equipped with encrypted radio connections that ensure the highest security for confidential data.

At Onedrone, for over a decade, we have closely collaborated with various government agencies for whom unmanned aircraft have become an indispensable part of equipment. To perform various tasks, we select optimal unmanned aircraft systems or design useful payloads and tailor them to usage specifications.

Through valuable feedback from rich field experience, we have developed optimal operational procedures and specialized training programs for most tasks related to carrying out government service activities. We enthusiastically embrace new challenges where we can apply our experience to enhance the performance of your tasks.


At OneDrone, we ensure that we maintain close contact with our immediate environment and use our knowledge and activities for the common good. Our collaboration with government agencies primarily takes place in the following areas:

  • Servicing equipment and providing replacement equipment during maintenance
  • Testing equipment and configurations before purchase
  • Development of operational procedures and personnel training
  • Participation in exercises and testing
  • Establishment of an unmanned aircraft operator system