By using multispectral and hyperspectral cameras, we can monitor the condition and stress of plants in real-time. Among the most important factors are water stress, nutrient deficiencies, and attacks by pests. Through this multispectral technology and computer processing, we assess the plant’s water potential, identify crucial nutrient deficiencies, and detect focal points of attacks or infections. Subsequently, we adjust irrigation plans, apply targeted fertilization, and administer phytosanitary products. Drones in agriculture operate towards sustainability and efficient crop management.

Drones enable swift response and appropriate action against negative factors. Our drones can cover up to 20 hectares of land in 20 minutes of flight with a spatial resolution of 6cm/pixel. This is remarkably productive and time-efficient compared to traditional monitoring methods.

Do you have specific requirements or need to solve a particular issue? Reach out to us! Together with experts from the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia and the Biotechnical Faculty, we will find a solution that allows you to manage your agricultural areas more effectively.


OneDrone provides aerial plant monitoring with exceptional precision for various crops, plantations, and fields of all sizes.

Our services include:

  • Photogrammetry of the area
  • Plant counting
  • Determination of phenophases
  • Periodic growth monitoring
  • Fresh mass assessment
  • Leaf area index estimation
  • General stress assessment
  • Weed detection
  • Pest and disease detection
  • Plant water status assessment
  • Chlorophyll content monitoring
  • Calculation and interpretation of vegetation indices
  • Crop loss estimation due to weather events
  • Final yield estimation

With drone services for agriculture, you will save resources and increase your yield!