For continuous operation of facilities, many companies have incorporated the most advanced diagnostic tools available in the industrial market into their maintenance programs: thermal imaging cameras and drones.

Due to the extensive infrastructure, inspections and maintenance pose a challenging task. Localizing existing or potential damaged areas has its challenges, especially with power lines. Both pylons and routes are subject to constant exposure to weather and other external influences.

The use of drones enables swift inspections after lightning strikes and power outages. Drones can save you valuable time, especially over longer distances. By utilizing systems with dual cameras, thermal cameras can be employed alongside regular inspections to detect overheated components.

In collaboration with DJI, OneDrone is at the forefront of developing services aimed at monitoring the distribution paths of various types of energy sources. We offer proprietary software combined with radiometric thermal cameras specifically developed for drone-based inspection services. With this, we can provide you:

  • Drone inspections of systems and power lines
  • 360° monitoring based on set criteria
  • Regular inspection checks
  • Localization of damage caused by weather events
  • Assistance in troubleshooting and repairs
  • Detection of efficiency losses and structural damage
  • Comprehensive data collection for in-depth analysis

By using purpose-equipped drones, OneDrone enhances the efficiency of your energy and industrial systems, prevents faults, and reduces management costs.