The use of modern technology in the research and preservation of historical artifacts, buildings, and cultural heritage is nothing new. However, drones can literally elevate the application of these technologies to a higher level.

Unmanned aircraft, or drones, assist archaeologists in aerially identifying the outlines of buildings, settlements, and roads, with the captured images serving as a foundation for 3D modeling. Drones are also valuable in the study of historical structures, allowing for detailed exploration of hard-to-reach areas both inside and outside the buildings without risk. Similarly, they aid in building maintenance.

Using a drone and appropriate equipment, individual buildings or entire complexes can be surveyed, and photographs, videos, and 3D models can be created.

The comprehensive OneDrone technologies, which encompass both aircraft and all the necessary equipment along with software, assist archaeologists and historians in easier data capture and efficient analysis. The services include:

  • Terrain exploration using orthophoto and LiDAR technology
  • Surveying archaeological sites and monuments
  • Investigation of historical buildings from the outside and inside
  • Monitoring the condition of cultural heritage monuments
  • Precise and detailed recording of extensive artworks (murals/ceiling paintings)
  • Monitoring the sustainability of restoration interventions
  • Basic processing of acquired data
  • Creation of presentations and 3D models

At OneDrone, we can also assemble and equip drones tailored to your needs, educate your personnel, and create the operator system along with all the necessary documentation in compliance with regulations.