Description of Training

Operators’ personnel, particularly observers who assist the pilot during flights, can perform their duties safely and in compliance with regulations only if they are adequately trained for their tasks.

In this one-day training program, the technical personnel of the operator will acquire all the necessary knowledge required to perform their duties effectively.

The training concludes with a certification of completion for the technical personnel of the operator.

Training Methodology

The theoretical part of the training takes place at our training center, while the practical part is conducted at our training field.

Equipment and Prerequisites

It is desirable for candidates to possess a certificate indicating successful completion of the online knowledge test for category A1/A3 and basic knowledge of using unmanned aerial systems.

Flight Rules

  • Conducting operations in the special category of operations.
  • Operator’s responsibilities
  • Remote pilot’s responsibilities
  • Operational personnel’s responsibilities
  • Operator’s personnel training
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Conducting operations
  • Operator’s record keeping

Operational Procedures

  • Standard operational procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Emergency procedures

Observer’s Tasks

  • Responsibility of the remote pilot and observer
  • Observing the airspace
  • Observing the terrain
  • Securing the takeoff and landing area
  • Personnel communication
  • Coordination of the multi-member crew