During the theoretical training, you will become familiar with all the limitations that apply to the use of unmanned aerial vehicle systems. You will learn how to perform online registration as an operator and complete online training to obtain a remote pilot certificate.

Remote pilots who have already obtained an A1/A3 subcategory exam can deepen their knowledge and learn about flying drones in other EU countries.


The course takes place in a classroom at our training center. Experienced instructors will explain everything you need to know about flight regulations in an understandable and straightforward manner and answer all your questions.


Beginner’s course – no prior knowledge required.

Equipment is not necessary. Participants who wish to register as operators of unmanned aerial vehicle systems during the course should bring a laptop with a digital certificate installed.


  • EU legislation regulating the field of unmanned aerial vehicle systems.
  • Slovenian legislation.
  • Legislation of other EU countries.
  • Minimum age of remote pilot.
  • Registration of unmanned aerial vehicle system operators.
  • Remote pilot exam for A1/A3 category.

Conducting operations in the open category.

  • General limitations of the open category.
  • Subcategories A1, A2, and A3.
  • Categories of unmanned aerial vehicles and DJI.
  • Use of privately built aircraft.
  • Geographical areas.
  • Obtaining flight permissions in geographical areas.
  • Reporting flights in the open category.

DJI and flight categories.

  • Which category do new and old DJI drones fall under.
  • Remote identification for DJI drones.
  • Unlocking “no-fly” zones for DJI drones.