Training Description

All remote pilots intending to conduct operations in the specific category of operations according to the STS-02 / PDRA-S02 regulations must undergo practical training with an authorized training organization. STS-02 training is an advanced level of the STS-01 training.

Instructors at ONEDRONE Training Center, with extensive experience in various activities within the specific category, will guide you through a unique training system based on your competencies. This will lead to a certification of successful completion of practical training for operations under STS-02 and PDRA-S02 regulations.

Training Approach

The practical training is conducted at our training site in small groups (up to 3 students per instructor) across multiple consecutive sessions, tailored to the candidate’s knowledge.

Equipment and Prerequisites

This training is designed for remote pilots who hold a certification of successful completion of STS-01 / PDRA-S01 training. You can use your own (recommended) or our unmanned aerial vehicle that meets the requirements for STS-02 / PDRA-S02 training.

Practical Content

  • General limitations of STS-02 / PDRA-S02
  • Initial assessment of candidate’s knowledge
  • Standard operational procedures
  • Emergency operational procedures
  • Emergency procedures