Training Description

All remote pilots intending to conduct operations in the specific category of operations under the STS-01 rules are required to complete practical training with an authorized training organization.

At ONEDRONE Training Center, our experienced instructors with extensive expertise in various activities within the specific category will guide you through a unique competency-based training system. This training approach will lead you to successfully obtain a certificate upon completing practical training for operating under the STS-01 and PDRA-S01 regulations.

Training Approach

The practical training course takes place at our designated training site in small groups (up to 3 students per instructor) over multiple scheduled sessions, tailored to the candidate’s level of expertise.

Equipment and Prerequisites

This course is designed for experienced remote pilots holding a theoretical STS examination certificate and possessing a minimum of 10 hours of flight time on unmanned aircraft systems. You can participate in the course using your own equipment (recommended) or using our unmanned aircraft that meets the training requirements specified by the STS-01 / PDRA-S01 regulations.

Practical Contents

  • General Limitations of STS-01 / PDRA-S01
  • Initial Assessment of Candidate’s Knowledge
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Emergency Operating Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures
  • CRM / Multi-Crew Coordination
  • Flight Record Keeping