This training is designed for experienced pilots who want to enhance their skills with knowledge of night flying. You will learn everything you need to know about pre-flight preparations for night flying and the execution of night flights.

You will also become familiar with the capabilities of cameras for night recording and learn to optimally adjust the camera on your drone for nighttime photography and videography.


The theoretical part of the course is conducted in a classroom at our training center, while the practical segment takes place at a training range located a 5-minute drive from the training center.

Snacks are included in the course fee.


You can take the course with our drones or (recommended) with your own. Participants should be proficient in executing advanced flight maneuvers with unmanned aerial systems during daylight. It’s advisable for participants to have completed at least the online knowledge assessment for A1/A3 categories and have a minimum of 10 hours of flight experience with unmanned aerial systems.

Preparation for Night Flying

  • Preparation for nighttime flight before heading to the field.
  • Technical terrain inspection with obstacle identification.
  • Risk assessment and flight plan preparation.
  • Familiarization with geographic area limitations.

Execution of Night Flight

  • Pre-flight preparation.
  • Conducting the flight.
  • Nighttime navigation.
  • Emergency procedures and protocols.
  • Recording and photography at night.

Safety and Regulations

  • Night flying in the open category of operations.
  • Lights on the drone.
  • Limitations of human perception at night.