Autonomous Flight Programming Training

During this training, you will gain in-depth knowledge about all the ways of programming autonomous flights using DJI PILOT 2 software. You will explore various applications of autonomous flights for creating 2D orthophoto maps, 3D models of objects, technical inspections of structures, and other programmed flights.

The course is designed for all users of DJI ENTERPRISE drones who intend to utilize drones for conducting autonomous flights.

The theoretical part of the training takes place in a classroom at our training center, while the practical part is conducted at a training field, which is a 5-minute drive from the center.

Lunch is included in the course price.

You can participate in the course using our drones or your own. Participants should be proficient in basic flight maneuvers with unmanned aerial systems.

By the end of this training, you will be well-versed in the various methods of programming autonomous flights using DJI PILOT 2. You will have a comprehensive understanding of how to apply autonomous flights for specific purposes such as creating mapping products, generating 3D models, conducting technical inspections, and executing other programmed flight missions. Whether you are in surveying, mapping, inspection, or other related fields, this training will empower you to effectively plan, program, and execute autonomous flights with precision and confidence.

Autonomous Flight Programming

  • DJI PILOT 2 Programming Environment
  • Waypoint Missions
  • Grid Missions
  • Oblique / Smart Oblique Missions
  • Corridor Missions

Pre-Flight Preparation

  • Preliminary Terrain Assessment
  • Preparing Digital Terrain Model for Autonomous Tracking
  • Pre-flight Site Inspection

Operational Flight Execution

  • Execution of Autonomous Flights within Visual Line of Sight
  • Standard Operational Procedures
  • Interrupting and Resuming Programmed Flights
  • Reduced Performance of External Support Systems

Safety and Regulations

  • Legal Limitations for Autonomous Flights
  • Use of Additional Observer