OneDrone 5.8 GHz 8 ch 1200 mW Video TX + RX kit

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Working Frequencies (9 channels): 5720MHz 5740MHz 5760MHz 5780MHz 5800MHz 5820MHz 5840MHz 5860MHz 5880MHz      

The transmitter has 1200mW of output power, a cooling fan built-in to keep it from overheating.

TX spec.:

Working Voltage:DC12V
Working Current:700mA
Working Frequency:5.8G
Working Channels:9CH
Working Power:1200mW
Transmission Distance: Min. 2400m in the open space.

RX spec.:
Working Voltage:DC12V
Working Current:200mA
Working Frequency:5.8G
Working Channels:9CH
Data Output: MAX-4800-TTL

Regulatory Notice
The use of this product may be prohibited in your country/region/state. Please verify that the RF output power and frequencies used by this transmitter comply with local rules in regulations, this product may require a HAM license to operate.

In EU, max. output power of video transmitters for general unlicensed use is limited to 25mW on 5.8GHz and to 10mW at 2.4GHz frequency. Transmitters with bigger output power may be legally used if you have HAM license (you can ask about obtaining a license in your local radio club) or if you are using this product for research/scientific purposes in controlled environments.

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