Zubax V2 Premium GNSS/GPS positioning module + Cable set for Pixhawk

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  • OD-ZubaxPixV2
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Update 17.05.2016: Zubax V2 on stock.

Improvements of new version:
- Antenna has been replaced with a higher gain one (it's a bit thicker with the same plane size).
- Switched to u-blox MAX-M8Q, which is equipped with TXCO, enabling faster cold start.
- Size of the board has been reduced to 55x55mm (there was lots of complaints about the original design being too large).
- CLI connector is gone - we've added micro-USB, and also we're working on cross-platform configuration application for Zubax products (Win/Linux/Mac).
- The magnetometer has been replaced to HMC5983, which is temperature compensated.

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