Cam Pigtail (8cm)

Cam Pigtail (8cm)

Replacement cable for the DISCOVERY and DISCOVERY PRO to CAMERA connection. Compatible with the T..

6.90€ Ex Tax: 5.66€

TBS ChipChip Cam Cable

TBS ChipChip Cam Cable...

Replacement lead for TBS CHiPCHiP. Length: 390mm. ..

3.90€ Ex Tax: 3.20€

TBS59/TBS69 Cam Cable

TBS59/TBS69 Cam Cable

Replacement lead for TBS59 & TBS 69 cameras. Length: 390mm. ..

3.90€ Ex Tax: 3.20€

TBS Safety First

TBS Safety First

Safety First is not just a requirement, it's a lifestyle. But how to communicate that your op..

19.90€ Ex Tax: 16.31€

TBS LiPo Bag

TBS LiPo Bag

Keep your LiPos in a safe place and travel with style - all in one. The first LiPo bag in the..

8.90€ Ex Tax: 7.30€

TBS vTX vertical mount

TBS vTX vertical mount...

Aluminum laser-cut part that you can attach to your TBS DISCOVERY, F450 or F550 multirotor. I..

11.90€ Ex Tax: 9.75€

TBS ESC calibration cable

TBS ESC calibration cable...

Helps you calibrate your ESCs of any quad all at once, without needing to perform any solder ..

9.89€ Ex Tax: 8.11€

TBS Loveseat (antivibration)

TBS Loveseat (antivibration)...

Fight vibrations by placing your GoPro Camera on the TBS Loveseat. Fits the front lip perfect..

9.90€ Ex Tax: 8.11€

TBS LC Filter

TBS LC Filter

LPF-01 LC Common Mode Power Filter This is a compact and effective LC filter designed to clean a ..

17.90€ Ex Tax: 14.67€

TBS 3.300 2S LiPo for TBS Caipirinha

TBS 3.300 2S LiPo for TBS Caip...


38.89€ Ex Tax: 31.88€

TBS Velcro Battery Straps

TBS Velcro Battery Straps...

The TBS velcro battery straps are a great accessory for your multi rotor platforms to secure your..

8.89€ Ex Tax: 7.29€

TBS Short Servo Extensions

TBS Short Servo Extensions...

8x 60mm female to female servo extensions for clean installation of receivers on the TBS DISCOVER..

10.89€ Ex Tax: 8.93€

TBS Shielded Video TX Cable

TBS Shielded Video TX Cable...

TBS custom-made Lawmate-compatible shielded video transmitter cable. For running a clean wire out..

5.90€ Ex Tax: 4.84€

TBS Lawmate Pigtail (8cm)

TBS Lawmate Pigtail (8cm)...

Lawmate replacement cable for the video transmitter systems. Also a nice accessory for the TBS DI..

6.90€ Ex Tax: 5.66€



Link-cable for the I2C protocol ("EzBUS") between the OSD, Current Sensor and EzUHF receiver...

7.90€ Ex Tax: 6.48€

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