Scherrer TX700 PRO UHF transmitter

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Tx700 features all the good know functions from previous versions, but with the new hardware and software, it support Fixed/Variable PPM input, Futaba input, all up to 12Channels, it has Head tracker input, AUX input (for option boards), Option board port, output power switch, Firmware update port, Status Led, Military standard input plugs with screw protection, and a new design that reduces the height dramatically. Tx700 also supports sequential fail safe, can be upgraded(with option board) to a wireless modem(bidirectional), with serial control thru USB. Remember to buy the TSLRS USB upgrader. Kit also includes a deluxe gift-box for high level of protection, 1 antennas, 2 TSLRS vinyl stickers to let your buddies know what equipment you are flying with. 1 TSLRS Keyhanger, and a calibration chart that verifyes the human touch, and the calibrated output and testing of the hardware.

Expansion port on the Tx, that could be used, for Bluetooth control, usb commands, bidirectinal modem, and much more in the future.

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This RC control system is specially designed for RC model planes that need extremely long range and safety, like: FPV/UAV, large models, and expensive models.

The TX unit samples PPM frames from a normal RC TX unit, with up to 4-12 servo information's, and encode this digitally with a complicated checksum
The receiver part decode it and generate up to 12 servo pulses, this gives a jitter free system known from all PCM systems.

Receivers of previous versions are still supported


It comes packed with all the well known features and a lot of new such as

  • Support Fixed/Variable PPM input
  • Futaba input, all up to 12 channels
  • Head tracker input
  • AUX input (for option boards)
  • Option board port
  • Output power switch
  • Firmware update port
  • Status Led
  • Military standard input plugs with screw protection

The TX700 comes in a new design that reduces the height dramatically.

It has also sequential fail safe, that lets you store a fail-safe pattern of 3 interactions when it hits fail safe. Through the firmware port you can access TSLRS debug tools for viewing amounts of fail-safes, blocked channels, diversity performance and much more (TSLRS USB programer needed).


  • TX700
  • Deluxe gift-box for high level of protection
  • 1 antenna
  • Key hanger
  • Calibration chart that verifies our manual test and calibration of the product.

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