Frames & kits

Frames & kits
DJI Inspire 1 / Matrice 100 UPGRADE Vibration Absorbing Board for Zenmuse X5

DJI Inspire 1 / Matrice 100 UP...

PRE-ORDER: Expected shipping late October 2015.DJI Inspire 1 / Matrice 100 UPGRADE..

99.90€ Ex Tax: 81.89€

DJI Zenmuse X5 gimballed camera 4K/16MP/MFT with lens for Inspire 1 / Matrice 100

DJI Zenmuse X5 gimballed camer...

On-stock.DJI Inspire 1 / Matrice 100 UPGRADE Zenmuse X5 4K 16MP MFT camera with le..

2,459.90€ Ex Tax: 2,016.31€

ImmersionRC Vortex Crash Kit 2 (Carbon Parts)

ImmersionRC Vortex Crash Kit 2...

Vortex Crash Kit #2: Carbon Fiber Parts In most serious crashes, the parts in Crash ..

54.90€ Ex Tax: 45.00€

OneDrone SuperHero GEO X4/X8 RTF

OneDrone SuperHero GEO X4/X8 R...

Complete and Ready-to-fly system for geo survey applications OneDrone SuperHero GEO RTF is a result ..

6,999.90€ Ex Tax: 5,737.62€

TBS Gemini PRO FPV Racer ARF (...

UPDATE, 13.11.2014: Gemini ON STOCK. The TBS GEMINI is the latest generation of mini ra..

719.90€299.90€Ex Tax: 245.82€

Sky Hero Anakin FPV Racer FRAM...

ON-STOCK. The Naked Frame version allow a total freedom in choosing the right components ..

129.91€39.89€Ex Tax: 32.70€

DJI Zenmuse H4-3D GCU

DJI Zenmuse H4-3D GCU

DJI Zenmuse H4-3D Spare Part10 ZH4-3D GCU Gimbal Control Unit Sends Instructions to Servo ..

119.90€ Ex Tax: 98.28€

ImmersionRC Vortex Mini Race Quad ARF (Race Motors)

ImmersionRC Vortex Mini Race Q...

UPDATE (23.07.2015): On stock. ImmersionsRC Vortex Mini Race Quadrocopter ARF (Race Motors) ..

499.90€ Ex Tax: 409.75€

FireFLY6 + PowerPACK

FireFLY6 + PowerPACK

The next generation aerobotics platform, almost ready to fly. Powerpack included in th..

899.90€ Ex Tax: 737.62€

Lumenier QAV400 FPV Frame with...

Details The Lumenier QAV400 FPV Quadcopter is a nimble acrobat that can perform flips and oth..

174.90€99.91€Ex Tax: 81.89€

DJI Zenmuse H4-3D Brushless Gimbal (3-axis)

DJI Zenmuse H4-3D Brushless Gi...

Important: The DJI Zenmuse H4-3D can solely be used with the Hero 4 Black Edition! The gimbal is ..

369.90€ Ex Tax: 303.20€

T-Motor Premium ALU Extension Arm (pair)

T-Motor Premium ALU Extension ...

T-motor arms are upgrade for TBS DISCOVERY (PRO) and FlameWheel F450 / F550. ..

42.90€ Ex Tax: 35.16€

OneDrone Mini H250 PCB FPV Rac...

250 Class FPV racer with integrated PCB board for easier & cleaner electronics instalation. ..

43.90€26.90€Ex Tax: 22.05€

Sky Hero Spyder X4-850 Black Search&Rescue RTF

Sky Hero Spyder X4-850 Black S...

Sky Hero Spyder X4-850 Black Search&Rescue RTF is a result of one year long testing and numer..

12,999.89€ Ex Tax: 10,655.65€

Sky Hero Spyder X4-850 Black ARF

Sky Hero Spyder X4-850 Black A...

At we are working with Sky Hero from their start. In these couple of years we bui..

1,699.90€ Ex Tax: 1,393.36€

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