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FireFLY6 + PowerPACK

FireFLY6 + P...

The next generation aerobotics platform, almost ready to fly. Powerpack included in th..

899.90€ Ex Tax: 737.62€

UAV Vamp Kit

UAV Vamp Kit

New aircraft specifically designed for FPV (first-person-view). Specifications and notable featur..

129.91€ Ex Tax: 106.48€

UAV Maja Basic 180 cm

UAV Maja Bas...

MAJA was developed as an economical platform. The advantages of this system are the tho..

224.89€ Ex Tax: 184.34€

UAV Explorer Basic 220 cm

UAV Explorer...

EXPLORER is the development of MAJA for a bigger UAV with more payload and shorter runway. The bo..

329.90€ Ex Tax: 270.41€

Cam-Flyer Q + Power-Set (130 W, 12A, 2x mini-servos)

Cam-Flyer Q ...

The electronic flight model "Q" is a small, compact and tough model airplane with the ability to ..

129.91€ Ex Tax: 106.48€

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