3DR ArduCopter Y6 KIT 2014

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The 3DR Y6 copter is a reliable new offering from 3D Robotics.

The 6 motor coaxial configuration has a number of advantages over other multi-rotor configurations.

  • Co-located motors preserve thrust symmetry in a single motor out scenario. The Y6 keeps flying if an ESC or motor fails mid-air.
  • There are only three arms on the Y6. This translates into being able to carry a greater payload, having to maintain fewer components, as well as providing superior performance in higher wind conditions.
  • The wide front arm offset is perfect for keeping a clear forward view when a camera is attached to the Y6.
  • The front arms on the Y6 are capable of folding towards the back arm which offers an incredibly compact package for traveling and storage.
  • Motor to motor distance in flight position: 500mm
  • Payload clearance under body: 135mm
  • Weight without battery: 1200g
  • Maximum recommended weight: 2500g


This kit contains the following parts:

-Hardware necessary to put everything together (screws, spacers, etc)

-Fiber parts : Bottom Plate Top Plate APM & GPS Plate Quad-D & Hexa-C Accessories Plate C-Type Landing Gear Co-Axial Motor Mounting Plates

-2x 3DR ArduCopter Replacement Arm Blue

-1x 3DR ArduCopter Replacement Arm Black

- 850 Kv motors

-6x ESC 20 Amp with SimonK

-1x APC Propeller 11X47 SFP Style

-2x APC Propeller 11X47 SF Style

-2x APC Propeller 10X47 SFP Style

-1x APC Propeller 10X47 SF Style


- Choice of APM 2.6+ board, side or top entry with cables (Micro usb and telemetry)

- Power Module, xt60 connector

-1x 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass, with cables

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