Zubax GNSS/GPS positioning module + Cable set for PX4

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Zubax GNSS positioning module - GPS/GLONASS + Compass + Barometer + CAN
More info here: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/zubax-gnss-positioning-module-gps-glonass-compass-barometer-can?xg_source=activity&id=705844%3ABlogPost%3A1790546&page=1

Also included in the pack:
- UAVCAN Micro to DF13 adapter cable
- USB-UART bridge with a CLIK-Mate connector
- UAVCAN Micro to D-SUB DB9 CAN Adapter Cable
- UAVCAN Micro Patch Cable, custom length
- UAVCAN Micro termination plug


Zubax GNSS is a high performance positioning module for outdoor environments interfaced via doubly redundant UAVCAN bus. It's an excellent solution for demanding applications where safety, positioning accuracy and cost efficiency are paramount.

This module features a state of the art GPS/GLONASS receiver with high performance RF circuitry, high precision barometer and a 3-axis digital compass. Its standard compliant UAVCAN interface enables seamless integration into any UAVCAN-enabled vehicle.

Zubax GNSS is an open source product - its firmware sources, schematics and 3D printable models are freely available from our Github profile page.



  • High performance concurrent GPS/GLONASS receiver u-blox MAX-M8
    • Full RF shielding of the GNSS circuits ensures reliable operation in high-EMI environments
    • 35 mm high gain patch antenna with large ground plane for reliable reception even in urban canyons
    • Analog front end with LNA and SAW ensures high noise resilience
    • Rechargeable backup battery enables low time-to-first-fix (a few seconds)
    • Up to 15 Hz update rate
  • High precision digital barometer Measurement Specialties MS5611
    • Altitude resolution 10 cm
  • 3-axis digital compass Honeywell HMC5883L


  • Doubly redundant UAVCAN with standard connectors
    • Sensor measurements at configurable rates
    • Continuous self diagnostic and failure detection outputs
    • Configuration
    • CAN bus bitrate up to 1 Mbps
    • Can be used in non-redundant mode as well (one interface will be inactive)
  • Auxiliary serial port
    • Direct access to the u-blox module
    • Firmware update
    • Diagnostics and configuration via command-line interface


  • Extensive, continuous self diagnostics and failure detection make Zubax GNSS a favorable choice for safety-critical applications
  • Multiple redundant units can be used concurrently on the same UAVCAN bus
  • Sources are open and freely available for everyone:
    • Firmware sources
    • Schematics
    • 3D printable models of protective case and mounts
  • Compact size
  • Low cost



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