OneDrone 5G8 Almighty RX32&TX32 set

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Are you tired of choosing right 5.8 frequency band. One transmitter on one frequency, second on other, video goggles on third ... frustration guaranteed. You can solve all this issues with one almighty RX&TX set: transmitter which will work with all your 5.8G receivers and receiver which will handle all of your 5.8G transmitters.

Stop dealing with frequencies. Start flying!

5.8G 600mW 32 Channel Wireless AV Transmitter:
Transmitter Frequency / Channel Amount: 4 bands / 8 channel each = 32 frequencies
Output Power:600mW
Transmission Distance: Min. 4KM line of sight
Frequency Control: Built-in frequency & phase lock loop
AV input: Analog AV signal input
ANT connector: SMA (needle inside)
Power Supply: DC 7-12 volts
Current Consumption: 220mA
Size: 54*32*10mm
Net weight: 22g

5.8G 32 Channel Wireless AV Receiver
Receiving Frequency: 4 bands / 8 channel each = 32 frequencies
Receiving Sensitivity: -90dBm
Frequency Control: Built-in frequency and phase lock loop
Double lines AV output: analog AV signal output
Antenna connector: SMA(needle inside)
Power supply voltage: DC 7-12V
Supply current: 200mA max.
Dimension: 80*65*15mm
Gross weight: 85g

Regulatory Notice
The use of this product may be prohibited in your country/region/state. Please verify that the RF output power and frequencies used by this transmitter comply with local rules in regulations, this product may require a HAM license to operate.

In EU, max. output power of video transmitters for general unlicensed use is limited to 25mW on 5.8GHz and to 10mW at 2.4GHz frequency. Transmitters with bigger output power may be legally used if you have HAM license (you can ask about obtaining a license in your local radio club) or if you are using this product for research/scientific purposes in controlled environments.

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