SMD Mirage PRO Multicopter System with 5x ZOOM and 4-side obstacle avoidance

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This new drone from SMD, the Mirage pro is leading the way with a range of features not yet combined into one drone. So much technology yet so easy to fly.

  • Obstacle avoidance from four directions
  • 5 times optical zoom camera – 16mp Photography
  • Retractable landing legs gives the camera wide shooting angles
  • Easy to use intelligent remote with buttons for auto take off and auto land
  • Folding propellors for easy storage
  • Foldable magnetometer reduces interference
  • 28 minutes flight time with the standard 6750mAh battery
  • Over 30 minutes flight time with the optional 10,000mAh battery
  • 12 months warranty on the main aircraft.
  • Extremely well priced spare parts – great value investment!

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance
Two smart range finders mounted on the Mirage Pro will quickly detect obstacles in it’s flight path. Information will be instantly sent to the main computer and the drone will move to avoid the obstacle. This amazing technology will prevent your drone from crashing so you can keep flying.

Large Capacity Battery
Utilizing an advanced high capacity 14.8V, 6750mAh Lipo battery.  A larger optional 14.8V, 10,000mAh battery, allows a flight time of 30 minutes or greater on a single charge.

5 Times Optical Zoom Camera
The Mirage Pro is configured with a 5x optical zoom camera, enabling you to enjoy an unique perspective from the sky. No need to bump into anything to get close enough to see what you’re looking at.

With an ultra-precision three axis gimbal, you’ll enjoy professional quality aerial shots and capture amazing footage from the sky. Complete with 5x times zoom camera to get an unrestricted 300 view of the world below and create images like never before. Camera movement in the Gimbal is up and down, left and right independent of the drone. With retractable landing gear you get unobstructed views.

Unique Radio Controller
Take full control with a remote controller built specifically for the Mirage. Precise control sticks command flight, while dials lets you tilt the camera to see more. With a built-in rechargeable battery, a clamp to hold your mobile device, and a range extender for up to 1000m, this powerful remote makes flying easy and fun. Unique functions only on the Mirage Pro.

Powerful Mobile App
Quick and complete camera parameter settings. Compatible with iOS and Android. Details stored include parameters of altitude, height, speed, battery life and flight time.

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