ProfiCNC Pixhawk 2 Professional Flight Controller Suite

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IMPORTANT!!! Update 08.12.2016: Pixhawk 2 is splitting in two different products:

Standard version without Intel Edison port:

Profesional combo with Intel Edison port + Here GNSS GPS included

Check also new premium GPS system, specially designed for Pixhawk 2.1

And centimeter level accuracy RTK GNSS set:

Shipping of next batch is planned for second half of January. If you pre-ordering, please choose one of new products on links above. If you will pre-order this discontinued unit from first batch, we will send you new Pixhawk 2.1 Standard edition.

Goals for this iteration of the platform are:

• An integrated, single board / box flight controller.
• Sufficient I/O for most applications without expansion.
• Improved ease-of-use.
• Improved sensor performance.
• Improved microcontroller resources.
• Increased reliability and reduced integration complexity.
• Reduced BoM and manufacturing costs.

Key design points
• All-in-one design with integrated FMU and IO and lots of I/O ports.
• Improved manufacturability, designed for simpler mounting and case design.
• Separate power supplies for FMU and IO (see power architecture section).
• On-board battery backup for FMU and IO SRAM / RTC.
• Integration with the standard power brick.

Pixhawk FMU Main Board
• STM32F427; flash 2MiB, RAM 256KiB.
• On-board 16KiB SPI FRAM
• MPU9250 or ICM 20xxxintegrated accelerometer / gyro
• MS5611 Baro
• All sensors connected via SPI.
• Micro SD interfaces via SDIO.

Vibration Damped IMU board
• LSM303D integrated accelerometer / magnetometer.
• L3GD20 gyro.
• MPU9250 or ICM 20xxx Gyro / Accel
• MS5611 Baro
• All sensors connected via SPI.

I/O ports
• 14 PWM servo outputs (8 from IO, 6 from FMU).
• R/C inputs for CPPM, Spektrum / DSM and S.Bus.
• Analogue / PWM RSSI input.
• S.Bus servo output.
• 5 general purpose serial ports, 2 with full flow control Two I2C ports
• One SPI port (un-buffered, for short cables onlynot recommended for use).
• Two CAN Businterface.
• 3 Analogue inputs
• High-powered piezo buzzer driver.(On expansion board)
• High-power RGB LED. (I2C driver compatible Connected externally only)
• Safety switch / LED.

List of features changed on Pixhawk 2 from Pixhawk

three IMU's
- these consist of 2 on the IMU board
- 1 fixed to the FMU
two onboard compasses
- these consist of 1 on the IMU board
- 1 Fixed on the FMU
two Baros
- 1 on the IMU (this Baro will most likely be removed in favour of a dedicated external Barometer
- 1 Fixed on the FMU
Dual Power input
- This removes the option of redundancy from the Servo rail and replaces it with a dedicated second power plug
- A dedicated power protection Zener diode and Fet have been added to protect from voltages over 5.6v being applied to Aux input 2
- This is only on the "PRO" carrier board mini carrier board still draws the backup from the servo rail.
only 2 FMU PWM out channels on the Mini carrier board. (10 PWM total)
Dual external I2C
- This allows for connection of items to either I2C port, potentially allowing two GPS / Mag units to be plugged in without the Mags conflicting.
GPS_Puck with Safety and LED (available separately)
- a single unit GPS / Mag / RGB / Safety button
Pixhawk 2 Hardware ID
- I physical Hardware ID has been added to the I/O of the Pixhawk2. This needs software to identify the board for debug purposes. This is the only non-software method to tell the two Pixhawks apart.
Breathing LED on cube. Comes on solid with default settings on the pin.  Is connected to a PWM pin, and as such could be made to Breath,
Power monitoring pins are now routed to the I/O chip, these will allow for the logging of power events during an inflight reboot.
Brick OK, Backup OK, and FMU 3.3V are all connected to a digital pin on the I/O via a 220Ohm resister.

Get Started on your road to Autonomy! This Kit contains the following items

  1. The Cube.... the brains behind the opperation.
  2. A full carrier board.
  3. 1 Power Brick (two power bricks can be fiter for redundant power.)
  4. Cable set that allows you to connect to your old Telemetry module, GPS, and sensors

To take full advantage of the Pixhawk 2, Please add the new GPS with built in Safety switch (available separately in October 2016)

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