GPS systems

GPS systems
Mega DJI Pack WookongM + datalink + bluetooth led + IOSD II + 50 WP

Mega DJI Pack WookongM + datal...

Mega promotion pack from DJI ... for limited time only. Pack includes: DJI Wookong DJI OS..

1,249.90€ Ex Tax: 1,024.51€

dji Naza V2 LED

dji Naza V2 LED

Estimated shipping 15th of May 2013. The Independent LED module makes the indication of the f..

12.90€ Ex Tax: 10.57€

dji Naza PMU V2

dji Naza PMU V2

Estimated shipping 15th of May 2013. The Naza PMU V2 has enhanced BEC functionality and provi..

64.90€ Ex Tax: 53.20€

dji Naza M GPS module V2

dji Naza M GPS module V2...

Estimated shipping 25th of May 2013. The plug and play GPS module will greatly enhance the pe..

159.91€ Ex Tax: 131.07€

FY-DOS Inertial Attitude Stabilizer + GPS

FY-DOS Inertial Attitude Stabi...

FY-DOS Special Edition for OneDrone can be used with Multicopter (GPS holder&antivibration mo..

129.91€ Ex Tax: 106.48€

FY-41AP Flight Stabilization System + OSD + GPS

FY-41AP Flight Stabilization S...

FY-41AP Special Edition for OneDrone includes Multicopter (GPS holder&antivibration mount) an..

289.90€ Ex Tax: 237.62€

dji Naza H(eli) GPS module

dji Naza H(eli) GPS module...

DJI makes the Naza-Controller better still as before.  With the GPS-Model you get a great ..

154.90€ Ex Tax: 126.97€

dji Wookong H(eli)

dji Wookong H(eli)

Designed For All Scale/Hobby Heli Platforms for WKH WOOKONG-H DJI’ first stabilization syst..

1,099.90€ Ex Tax: 901.56€

EM-406/uBlox/MTK Adapter Cable 30 cm

EM-406/uBlox/MTK Adapter Cable...

This is an extra long communication cable, 30 centimeters in length, compatible with the EM406, E..

2.90€ Ex Tax: 2.38€

dji Wookong M(ultirotors)

dji Wookong M(ultirotors)...

Attitude mode maintains precise altitude hold for indoor flight while GPS mode provides superb po..

949.90€ Ex Tax: 778.61€

3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6

3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6

This is our best GPS module, and significantly outperforms the Mediatek GPS due to the larger ant..

99.91€ Ex Tax: 81.89€

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