The use of unmanned aerial vehicles is becoming an essential solution in various business sectors, industries, and agriculture. Drones are employed in diverse ways for different tasks, reducing costs, and providing better results compared to conventional methods. When integrating drones into a company’s processes, it is necessary to select the appropriate equipment, create operational procedures, train managerial and operational personnel, and obtain all the necessary permissions to work with them.

A well-designed and properly established operator system is indeed a prerequisite for making the use of drones profitable and fully leveraging their potential to increase productivity. The entire system will only work efficiently if you have well-defined workflows from operation planning to technical execution, data processing, and result delivery.

To ensure this, a professional implementation of unmanned aerial vehicle systems into your company’s operations is essential.


The introduction of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems into your business operations depends on the purpose of use and the field of your activities. However, it typically includes the following components, which also represent the legally prescribed requirements:

  • Operator registration with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  • Online training and knowledge assessment of personnel at CAA for conducting operations in categories A1 and A3
  • Preparation for the A2 category exam and passing the A2 exam
  • Development of an operational manual tailored to the operator’s procedures
  • Customized training to meet the needs of operators conducting activities in special categories
  • Electronic system for managing flight records, personnel competencies, and aircraft maintenance
  • Training of managerial and operational personnel for executing operational procedures
  • Internal knowledge assessment of managerial and operational personnel
  • Other procedures tailored to your specific needs.

The entire process of introducing UAV systems will be adapted to your requirements and objectives.