Aerial drone footage and OneDrone’s services for the real estate sector offer a wide range of solutions for the real estate market. Can you imagine, without aerial shots, a high-quality real estate presentation, for instance? Or a reliable inspection of elevated and hard-to-reach areas on the property? Creating offers with precise measurements of structures and plots?

The very high quality of our high-resolution and 4k UHD footage, combined with the exceptional skills of our team of experts in video editing and music production, ensures outstanding presentations of your real estate. Our highly specialized photogrammetric services also allow for quick and incredibly accurate verification of volume and plot sizes, as well as the creation of fully navigational 3D digitized area models.

Unmanned aircraft represent a significant technological breakthrough in the real estate sector, becoming an indispensable tool for advanced real estate agencies, developers, designers, and architects. We offer comprehensive turnkey services with our in-house team to all of you:

  • Aerial footage of properties and estates
  • Aerial footage of interior spaces
  • Creation of dynamic video presentations in 4k UHD resolution
  • Photographic presentations
  • Aerial measurements of plots and structures
  • Creation of basic area plans
  • Generation of 3D area models
  • Inspection of hard-to-reach areas on properties
  • Monitoring construction progress
  • Thermal camera inspections for building energy certification

At OneDrone, we are delighted to assist you in selecting the optimal aircraft and equipment and provide training to operate in a manner compliant with prevailing regulations.