Unmanned aircraft have become an integral part of lightweight construction machinery. They enable innovative approaches to construction work, from planning and building to finishing tasks and project presentations. The incorporation of drones and their technology directly results in shorter project completion times, higher quality, increased productivity, and cost reduction.

Creating construction plans becomes much simpler with the use of drones and accurate 3D terrain models. Monitoring work progress at construction sites provides a precise overview of construction timelines, including the ability to measure lengths, areas, slopes, and volumes by comparing selected dates.

Equipped with suitable gear and well-trained personnel, drones can become a valuable part of your permanent construction team, enhancing your competitiveness.

At ONEDRONE, we will advise you on selecting suitable aircraft for aerial data capture, appropriate software for data processing and visualization, and we will teach you how to use the equipment in compliance with relevant EU regulations. Additionally, we can offer our skilled team to provide the following services:

  • Creating 3D terrain models
  • Precise measurements of properties and all structures at the construction site
  • Monitoring construction progress according to set benchmarks
  • Quality control
  • Checkpoints verification and error detection
  • Data collection for energy certification
  • Support for work at heights
  • Presentation creation

There are countless challenges in every construction project, but using drones can help solve many of them. Visit us at ONEDRONE, and we will advise you on the most suitable solution.