Audio/video production is the first field where drones have become prevalent. Even the smallest unmanned aircraft are equipped with high-quality cameras that allow for quick, easy, and relatively high-quality aerial filming. For professional production, specialized drones with more powerful cameras are used, meeting the highest standards of video production.

At OneDrone, we have been professionally engaged in aerial filming since 2013. We collaborate with professional video productions for shooting high-budget commercials, films, series, and documentary programs. Our fleet includes filming unmanned aircraft of all price ranges, from DJI MINI 3 to INSPIRE 2 with the X7 camera and a set of fixed lenses, enabling us to shoot in resolutions up to 6K in RAW CinemaDNG format.

We hold special category operational permits to conduct activities with all drones in our fleet, allowing us to fly over populated areas. With a group of experienced remote pilots and professional cameramen, we can find solutions for even the most demanding projects.

If you also want to acquire cutting-edge equipment, train your staff, and obtain all the necessary permits, we are the right address to fulfill all your desires!


Our team of drone operators possesses expert knowledge, experience, and passion to provide you with the footage you need, ranging from magnificent aerial videos to fast, low, and close tracking of fast-moving objects.

The basic services we offer include:

  • Simple single-operator filming
  • Challenging dual-operator filming
  • Aerial event coverage
  • Cinematography with drones
  • 360-degree videography with drones
  • Live video streaming
  • Indoor drone videography
  • Time-lapse and hyper-lapse drone videos
  • Multi-drone operations
  • Nighttime drone operations

When you are looking for high-quality professional aerial filming services for your next project, turn to the experienced and skilled team at OneDrone. We conduct aerial filming in compliance with the applicable EU regulations, ensuring all necessary permits are obtained, and providing you with experienced operators.