This training is intended for all operators who intend to engage in professional activities with unmanned aerial systems within the specific category.

You will learn about the types of operations and aircraft that can be conducted, the necessary documentation, how to train operator personnel, record-keeping procedures, and the registration process.

This education is the first step towards becoming an operator within the specialized category of operations.


The theoretical training takes place in a classroom at our training center.


Participants are expected to be familiar with flight regulations and the procedures of operations within the open category or to have attended a basic course on flight regulations.

**Basics of the Special Category**

  • Differences between the Open and Special Categories
  • EU and Slovenian Legislation
  • Operation Concepts within the Special Category
  • Equipment for Conducting Operations within the Special Category
  • Structure of a Special Category Operator
  • Training for Key Personnel of a Special Category Operator

**Operational Procedures**

  • Operational Manual for Conducting Operations within the Special Category
  • Standard Scenarios (STS)
  • Pre-prepared Risk Assessment (PDRA)
  • SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment)

**Aircraft Maintenance**

  • Aircraft Maintenance Program
  • Personnel Training for Maintenance
  • Execution of Maintenance
  • Operator Records
  • Legal Requirements for Record-Keeping
  • Flight Records
  • Maintenance Records
  • Personnel Competency Records