During the theoretical and practical training, you will become familiar with all the automatic functions that modern DJI drones offer. Automatic tracking, panoramic shots, object tracking, automatic recording, and much more are features that, when used correctly, can greatly enhance your footage.

In the course, you will learn how and when to use each function, what results to expect, and how to execute such shots safely and in accordance with regulations.


The theoretical part of the course (3 hours) takes place in a classroom at our training center, where you will get acquainted with the automatic functions on DJI drones.

The practical part takes place at a range located about 5 minutes’ drive from the training center. During the practical segment, you will try out various “Smart” functions with our or your own drones under the guidance of an instructor.


No prior knowledge is necessary for the theoretical part.

For the practical part, participants should have a grasp of the basics of operating unmanned aerial systems and have at least 10 hours of flight experience with DJI aircraft.

If you want to take the course with your own drone, you need to be a registered operator and have the required exam for your drone category (bring the certificates with you).

Overview of Automatic Functions

  • Development of automatic functions in drones.
  • Automatic functions for photography
  • Automatic functions for videography
  • Automatic tracking functions
  • Sensor operation when using automatic functions
  • Legal framework for using automatic functions
  • Safety recommendations

In-Depth Overview of DJI Automatic Functions

  • Panorama
  • QuickShots (Dronie, Rocket, Circle, Helix, Boomerang, Asteroid)
  • Spotlight
  • Point of interest
  • ActiveTrack
  • FocusTrack
  • MasterShots
  • Hyperlapse

Practical Segment

  • Observer utilization and safety during the execution of automatic functions.
  • Demonstration of practical use of automatic functions.
  • Participants test the use of automatic functions based on their prior knowledge.