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Revolutionary foldable Y6 multi-rotor specially designed for DJI Naza and Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal.


DetachY-6 churches, castles and fun

DetachY-6 is multi-rotor with Y-6 motor configuration. As a name suggest motor arms are fully detachable so it can fit into small case or backpack. Since it’s ready to be equipped with brushless camera gimbal (GoPro size) it is video making semi-professional class.


Three arms and gimbal can be detached from main body with self-lock system so no tools or screws required. DetachY-6 is perfect for taking videos in places inaccessible to vehicles because it can easy be carried in backpack. Detached motor arms and gimbal will save precious space required for transportation. It is build from strong and lightweight materials. Specially designed to carry brushless gimbal with GoPro camera. Stable, jello free video makes this Y-6 multi-rotor best value on market today. Best gimbal to use is Zenmuse H3-2D which can also just attach and detach on bottom of Y-6.


Detachable Zenmuse H3-2D mount :

DetachY-6 gopro mount


It comes assembled with high speed ESC-s and T-Motors brushless motors that are industry leader for multi-rotor application. Easy to mount NAZA-M, WooKong-M or NAZA-M V2 and OSD. No propellers, jello or vibrations  visible in GoPro camera.


Bottom Plate on antivibration dampers :

DetachY-6 dampers

DetachY-6 jello free

Main plate has all connections for all video components already on, so you only need to solder some cables to it and it is ready to fly. Easy for beginners to fly with and already used by PROs.


 Easy detachable arms :

DetachY-6 arms

 Detachable arms with self-lock system :

DetachY-6 arm lock

Can be placed in backpack, case ... (SMALL TO TRANSPORT) :

DetachY-6 detach

DetachY-6 detached

DetachY-6 backpack case


Box / Kit Contents :

  • - assembled 3x arm with 6x motor and 6x propeller
  • - assembled Body with 6X speed controller and PCB main plate that makes easy to connect all equipment  like : (Gimbal Zenmuse H3-2D, iOSD,iOSD mini, second camera, video TX)
  • - Canopy (Black) 
DetachY-6 pack

What is missing :

  • - Naza-M, Naza-M V2, WooKong-M or some other flight controller.
  • - Your RC RX/TX 6 channel (optional 7ch for switch between two cameras) 
  • - Zenmuse H3-2D (recommended), or similar GoPro gimbal.
  • - Video transmitter and receiver
  • - LCD monitor or googles (for FPV)
  • - GoPro camera

Usefull extensions : 

  • - iOSD (great to use with two cameras)
  • - Second camera like CCD sony 600TVL D-WDR, or similar can be used

Technical specs :

  • - Take off weight around 2000g with 5000mAh 3S LiPo,  GoPro and all other assembly
  • - Operating temperature (-10°C - +50°C)
  • - Max Flight Velocity 16m/s
  • - Max Ascent / Descent Speed ±6m/s
  • - Height 230mm
  • - Length 485mm
  • - Height from ground 125mm
  • - Diagonal distance (motor center to motor center) 500mm
  • - Detached 470mm x 210mm x 175mm with all equipment on

Features :

  • - Y6 design
  • - Redundancy -  if one prop, esc or motor fail , it will still fly
  • - Attractive look
  • - Lightweight and strong materials
  • - Rigid frame
  • - CNC precision machining
  • - Jello and vibrations free videos
  • - Detachable - can be placed in backpack, case …
  • - Easy to fly with (even beginners)
  • Preassembled detachable arms with motors and body with ESCs
  • Stable flight
  • Small to carry (LWH 470mm x 210mm x 175mm with props on)
  • Ultra stable video footage
  • Suitable for customers who has higher requirement for portability
  • Gopro friendly with props free picture
  • Advanced anti-vibration dampers for better video recording
  • Implemented wiring into the frame
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Outperforms similar multi-rotors in terms of video footage

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