Freefly MōVI M15 - Super demo packet

Freefly MōVI M15 - Super demo...

Special packet of Movi M15, Demo model, used few times on shows - its like new without any scratch o..

6,330.99€ Ex Tax: 5,189.34€

Gremsy T1 bundle for FLIR Duo Pro R

Gremsy T1 bundle for FLIR Duo ...

This bundle supports you to install Flir Duo Pro R on Gremsy T1, beneath drone system and easil..

1,389.99€ Ex Tax: 1,139.34€

InfinityMRS Very lite - 2axis gimbal with encoders version 2.0

InfinityMRS Very lite - 2axis ...

InfinityMRS Lite – a universal, lightweight gimbal supporting cameras up to 500g for surveliance zoo..

902.62€ Ex Tax: 739.85€

InfinityMR 360 - 3axis gimbal with encoders

InfinityMR 360 - 3axis gimbal ...

It’s been a while since we had introduced you to the new product. So today is that day. Here it is –..

1,572.58€ Ex Tax: 1,289.00€

InfinityMR-S2 - 3axis gimbal with encoders

InfinityMR-S2 - 3axis gimbal w...

NEW version of succesfull Infinity MRS, stronger, lighter, better.В В Ready to use, initia..

1,047.98€ Ex Tax: 859.00€

InfinityMR PRO - 3axis gimbal with encoders

InfinityMR PRO - 3axis gimbal ...

InfinityMR PRO is one of the lightest gimbals in the GH5/A7S camera size class in the world. Ul..

1,645.78€ Ex Tax: 1,349.00€

Gremsy Gstabi CanLink

Gremsy Gstabi CanLink...

CanLink features a can bus adapter coupled with a slip ring and in combination with the gStabi contr..

199.90€ Ex Tax: 163.85€

Gremsy Damping Plate Pro

Gremsy Damping Plate Pro...

Damping Plate ProNew version of damping plate features lightweight, single aluminium plate to increa..

249.90€ Ex Tax: 204.84€

Gremsy Circular Quick Release

Gremsy Circular Quick Release...

Gremsy Circular Quick ReleaseThis lightweight yet rigid quick release allows to disconnect and conne..

159.90€ Ex Tax: 131.07€

Gremsy H16 EcoFly Camera Stabilizer (for payloads up to 7.2 kg)

Gremsy H16 EcoFly Camera Stabi...

Gremsy H16 is a state of the art product designed especially for professional film makers. Features ..

2,649.90€ Ex Tax: 2,172.05€

Gremsy H7 EcoFly Camera Stabilizer (for payloads up to 3.1 kg)

Gremsy H7 EcoFly Camera Stabil...

In response to meet the demand in mainly using GREMSY H7 for multi rotors, crane, boom,… we release ..

1,799.90€ Ex Tax: 1,475.33€

Gremsy H3 EcoFly Camera Stabilizer (for payloads up to 1.7 kg)

Gremsy H3 EcoFly Camera Stabil...

Lighter than lighter. Everywhere you go.The art and science of making weight showed clearly on the l..

1,149.90€ Ex Tax: 942.54€

Gremsy Gpower 4S Li-ion Batttery - 3400 mAh (for H3)

Gremsy Gpower 4S Li-ion Battt...

gPower 3S - 3400mAh Battery is used to power the Gremsy H3. Each battery will run the Gremsy H3 for ..

59.90€ Ex Tax: 49.10€

Gremsy Counter Weight Mounting Set for H7/H16

Gremsy Counter Weight Mountin...

H16 - COUNTER WEIGHT MOUNTING SETIN THE BOXH16 - Counter Weight Mounting x1H16 - Pan Counter Weight ..

209.90€ Ex Tax: 172.05€

Gremsy Gpower 4S Li-ion Batttery - 6800 mAh (for H16+Red/Alexa)

Gremsy Gpower 4S Li-ion Battt...

Gremsy Li-ion Battery (4S - 6800mAh) coming with dual supply connectors powers both H16/H7 and Red /..

99.90€ Ex Tax: 81.89€

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